Hastingwood Action Group

We as a village have been having trouble for quite sometime with the desecration of the area, but we have decided to get together and form an action group to try and sort these problems out.  We have written a CONSTITUTION that outlines what we are hoping to achieve.  The action group thought that it would be a good idea to have a website that would keep everyone on the net up to date on our progress.  We’ve got PHOTOGRAPHS taken of a lot of our trouble spots.  LETTERS from Councillors etc.  We were also lucky enough to get data on what traffic used Hastingwood Road over a twelve day period and the grand total of this is shown on a page headed CARS.  We’ve found out who our community police are, have a look under the heading POLICE.  There’s a page of USEFUL NUMBERS.  and if that’s not enough we’ve got a page on HOW TO GET INVOLVED.  There’s a page of UPDATES AND QUESTIONS where you can have your say and lastly a page about the HISTORY of the village.