The Action Group Committee:

Pat Smith
Claire Humphrey
Jackie Blayney
Viv Chipperfield
Mike Allison

The committee’s aims are to try and change the village into a safer and cleaner place.  This will take time and of course a perfect result cannot be guaranteed.  There are bound to be residents who will be unhappy with the changes we hope to make, but we hope that we will please the majority.  We will let you know as soon as possible of any proposed changes, so that you can have your say and share your views.

Our Aims

  • A sensible speed limit, now set to 40mph (down from 60mph)
  • The road re instated to the width it was originally to slow traffic down
  • Some form of speed calming (we know a lot of villagers don’t want humps on our roads)
  • Our grass verges back, so we can walk through the village
  • GBN and Pyrors moved to other sites
  • The rats that plague Hastingwood Road taken care of
  • The rubbish and fly tipping stopped
  • Air and noise pollution kept at an acceptable level


Is free to anyone who lives in Hastingwood. 

General Meetings 

We hope to have two meetings a year 

Committee Meetings 

Approximately once a month