Updates and Questions


We are looking for photographs of Hastingwood, the older the better.  But at this moment in time we are looking for any photographs of Hastingwood.  Again this is for the web-site.  We would take great care of them and return them to you as soon as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Either drop them into The Laurels, Hastingwood Road (corner of Glover Lane) or phone Viv 01279 429022.


Hastingwood Road often has brown mains water.  Do other roads in Hastingwood have the same problem?  Do you know why the water is often brown?  Has it got something to do with the lorries breaking the water pipes in the road?  Also, Hastingwood often has power cuts.  Is this also to do with the weight of lorries?  I’ve been told that the electric cables run under what were our grass verges.  Is this correct?  Can anyone spread any light on these problems?


It has taken the committee quite a while to find out who are out local police.  We now know that Ongar Police look after our area,  PC mark Sheridan-Brown, PCSO Sally Jackson, PSCO Jacqueline Middleton and PCSO Aimee Dilloway are the four members of the police force asigned to care for Hastingwood.

We asked for a member of the police to visit us and PCSO Jacqueline Middleton came to see the committee on Tuesday the 10th of February.  This meeting was very useful as she explained that we as a village had not over the years complaint very much at all.  When started showing her the different letters from yourselves she realised that we do have a problem here in the village and asked that you started taking note of these problems and that you then phoned Viv on 01279 429 022 with that information.  She said that we needed things like death or injury in animals, dangerous driving, causing damage to the village or property (houses or cars) and of course any dangerous driving where it causes any harm to yourselves or family.

She asks you to take the number of the car or lorry (if possible) the date and time this incident happened

Jacqueline also said that she would look into training the committee to operate speed guns, so that we can start to find out what sort of speeds the vehicles are doing down our roads.  The information would then be given to the police to look into these matters, they can not prosecute the drivers but they will let them know that they are aware of the problems.  If it’s a lorry then we can look into their ‘O’ license, and the company they work for.

Please, please phone Viv with this information and it will help our fight in improving our village.

PHONE VIV ON 01279 429022

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